The Irony Of Buying Real Estate


The irony of buying real estate is that most people spend twice as much time shopping for a suit or a pair of shoes than they do looking at a property that they’ll be investing in. Considering the amount of investment you’re putting into each one of these tasks, the time spent does seem out of proportion. That’s what makes buying a home so scary.

And it’s a very emotional experience. So when it comes to negotiating, it’s difficult to negotiate wisely on your behalf. People do it, yes, but it’s not easy, and it takes a specific personality. Most people have a hard time walking away from a deal, for example, when it’s not the right deal, when they’re emotionally tied to

You need someone who is cool, calm and collected, who doesn’t become emotionally involved. That’s a sign of whether or not you have a good broker. When a client says, ‘Wow, you never lose your cool.’ We just say, ‘That’s what you’re paying us for.’

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