Apartment Designing with Ford Huniford

ford 300x240 Apartment Designing with Ford HunifordMany people shopping for a home in Manhattan are looking for outdoor space. Once they get it, the next question inevitably becomes—what to do with it?

Fortunately, designer James “Ford” Huniford knows precisely what to do with it. He loves the challenge of working with Manhattan homes, whose vertical nature at times present their own set of challenges. I asked Ford what role outdoor space plays in interior design.

“Outdoor space is a huge luxury for New York City,” he told me. “And the way I approach terraces and outdoor spaces is to try and have the room edging into it, reflecting the same color palette and mood, so it’s more of an inside-out room that’s an extension of the living room, or kitchen, or whatever room is there, on the same scale, and with the same feeling as the apartment and not have it be jumpy or theme-like.”

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