Let’s Celebrate Small Living Spaces

It’s easy to be envious of larger homes with the luxury of space — something dense living rarely allows for. But bigger isn’t always better.

Smaller living spaces have quite a few perks we can all be thankful for; maybe you’ve even taken notice of it as you’ve spent more time in your home.

Here are just a few reasons to appreciate having less square footage than a suburban home:

It’s easier to maintain. You don’t have a seemingly endless number of rooms to clean. Plus, you’ll have fewer repairs to make in the long run — especially if you’re in a building with an HOA.

It’s cheaper to decorate. You likely need less furniture and decor than you would in a single-family home. That means significant savings when it comes to decking out your space.

It’s better for the environment. Your smaller home uses significantly less energy, water and other limited resources than a larger property. Another benefit? Your bills are probably more affordable, too.

It’s more personal. Smaller spaces simply feel cozier. You don’t have to do as much work to make it your own and style every inch to your liking.

It’s simpler to organize. With limited real estate to move around in, you’re less likely to let clutter build up. And that means a more organized home on the whole.

Small spaces give us lots to be thankful for, but sometimes you need to spread out. Are you looking for a new home that fits your changing needs? Reach out today.

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