Why is financing early so important?

Just like you shouldn’t put the cart before the horse, you shouldn’t put the home before the mortgage. Whether you’re looking to buy a property in a month, three months or even at the end of the year, talking to a mortgage lender should be one of your first steps.

Taking care of your finances early can ensure you buy a house within your means — and it can give you a leg up on other buyers when it comes time to bid.

Are you thinking of buying a new place in the next year or so? Here’s why you should talk to a lender today:

  1. You’ll have a price range to work with. Preapproval means you’ll know what loan amount you can potentially qualify for and what price range you should be shopping in. That will help narrow down your search to places you can afford.
  2. You’ll be ahead of the competition. A preapproval letter from a vetted mortgage lender can give more weight to your offers, possibly putting you ahead of other buyers in the area. The market can be competitive, so this is a great asset.
  3. You’ll get a heads-up on costs and expenses. Talking to a lender early will help you better gauge what your financial responsibilities will be. That includes how much you’ll need to save for a down payment, what your closing costs will look like and more.
  4. You’ll better understand any complications you might face. Co-op and condo financing can come with different stipulations that you might need to contend with. Understanding these things early on in your home search can help things go more smoothly when it comes time to buy.

Get in touch today if you need recommendations for a qualified lender to kick-start your homebuying journey.

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