6 Ways to Control Allergens at Home

Allergies are no joke. And many people suffer because of common airborne particles like dust, mold and dander.

While you can’t do much to control these allergens outside your home, inside is another story — and there are actually a few strategies that can help.

Do you deal with allergies? Want to reduce them around your home? These cleaning and maintenance tips could help:

Know your problem areas. Cleaning your house frequently is critical to reducing allergens, but make sure to focus extra on allergy-causing areas, like the shower (and showerhead), shelves and knick-knacks that collect dust and any carpeting or rugs.

Don’t let laundry pile up. If you have a washing machine, allowing wet or damp laundry to sit can breed mold and irritate allergies — not to mention it can pose more serious health risks.

Use the right tools. Try a vacuum with a HEPA filter, allergen-specific air filters for your HVAC system (which you should change every few months) and portable air purifiers in your bedroom or bathroom.

Keep temperatures low. Lowering your air conditioning may lower your home’s humidity levels, which would reduce the chances of growing mold or mildew.

Decorate with plants. Consider getting some carefully chosen house plants. Aloe vera, snake plants and English ivy can help filter the air in your home.

Opt out of carpeting. Installed carpet attracts and holds onto allergens. Switching to hardwood or tile with area rugs can make a big difference.

Developing healthy habits — like taking off your shoes indoors, bathing pets regularly and keeping dirty dishes out of the sink — can help as well. Get in touch if you’d like more home tips.

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