When making renovations to improve your home, it can be tempting to do it all yourself.

But while DIY projects can certainly save you money — and sometimes even be fun — it’s not always the best move for your home (or your wallet). Taking on projects that are out of your wheelhouse can lead to costly repairs or even safety hazards.

Are you planning some updates around the house? Learn when you can DIY it and when it’s better to hire a professional.

Do It Yourself:

  • Painting: As long as you take your time and tape off the parts you don’t want painted, you should be able to handle this project, whether it’s your walls or your cabinets.
  • Installing a Backsplash: While not as easy as painting, there are some pretty good tutorials you can find to guide your way. Be sure to choose your grout and tile at the same time to ensure they match.
  • Adding Baseboards: Baseboards are pretty easy to install, too. You’ll just need some pre-cut boards from a home improvement store, some small nails and a bit of paint.

Hire a Professional:

  • Window Replacements: This is a big job — not to mention one that impacts how safe and comfortable your home is. Because of this, it’s in your best interest to call a pro.
  • Electrical and Plumbing: Unless you have special training in electrical or plumbing work, you shouldn’t consider taking on these projects. The end result might be dangerous, costly or even in violation of local code.
  • Demolitions or Major Additions: Calling in a professional to a project like this is especially important if it involves load-bearing walls.

Keep in mind that some projects, particularly ones that are larger or on the exterior of your home, may require permits. A good local contractor will know when these are needed and how to get them, so reach out for referrals.

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