Naples Florida Real Estate

Naples, Florida has long been a hotspot for the wealthy, with beautiful shopping on Fifth Avenue and great restaurants, but over the past few years it has also become more popular with New Yorkers. Many New Yorkers have decided that the East Coast is too crowded, so they’re making their way over to the West Coast. In this video I consult with my go-to broker in Naples, FL and asked her what’s going on in the market, because as always I want to make certain that you’re teamed up with the right real estate professional when you’re ready to buy in Florida. If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Naples you can find out what the current inventory levels are like, when you should buy and how to prepare for a successful transaction. At least some of Mimy’s advice may sound counter intuitive but bear in mind she has been guiding people home for the past twenty six years. Let me connect you to Mimy today!

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