5 Notable Changes in Home Showings

It’s been a year unlike any other. And though real estate has fared well through all of 2020’s ups and downs, it has had to evolve in some ways.One of the things that’s changed the most is home showings. Gone are the days of crowded open houses and parades of buyers streaming through properties.Are you considering buying or selling a home soon? Here are some new things you might expect from the showing process.

1. There are more pre-scheduled private showings. Most in-person showings now involve one potential buyer and their agent. Of course, sellers generally like a heads-up so they can sanitize the property appropriately.

2. PPE is often required. Sellers may request that buyers wear masks, gloves and shoe covers — or that they don’t touch anything. You could also expect hand sanitizer throughout the property.

3. You’ll fill out disclosures and questionnaires. If you’re a buyer, you’ll likely need to fill out various forms regarding your health and agreeing to the terms of the showing before entering a property.

4. Buyers are generally more serious. Most homebuyers are only viewing properties they’re very interested in, cutting down on the total number of showings. This may make things easier for buyers and sellers.

5. Everyone is focused on digital options. Thorough video tours and 3D walk-throughs are more widely available on listings as an initial way of vetting a property. Buying sight unseen is becoming more popular too.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a property in the coming months, get in touch for guidance.

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